The CSC has access to a variety of siRNA and chemical libraries. Authorization to use the various libraries for screening requires agreement with third parties that have developed or purchased the library. Contact David Egan for details.

siRNA Libraries

OTP Genome-Wide
This is a second generation Dharmacon siRNA library covering 18104 genes with four siRNA oligos per gene.
The library is divided into the following sections.

  • Kinase 715 genes
  • GPCR 390 genes
  • Phosphatase 254 genes
  • Ion channels 352 genes
  • Protease 478 genes
  • Ubiquitin 592 genes
  • Druggable Genome 4786 genes
  • Genome 10537 genes

The library was purchased by the joint UMCU/UU Focus & Mass consortium.

OTP Chromatin

This is a Thermo Dharmacon library covering 529 genes with four siRNA oligos per gene. All are related to the structure, maintenance or modification of chromatin. This library was purchased by a number UMC Utrecht groups.

Compound libraries

Prestwick Chemical Library
This is a compound library of 1200 approved drugs. This library has been purchased by the CSC.

Fungal Secondary Metabolites
This is a library of approximately 11000 supernatants from various fungal strains. It has been generated by Jeroen den Hertog at the Hubrecht Institute.

This is a diverse small molecule drug discovery library of approximately 55,000 compounds. This library is owned by SPECS BV but may be made available for screening purposes.