General information

The Department of Cell Biology is an integrated academic center for research and education in the fields of stem cells and regenerative medicine, cancer and immunology.

Research mission

To perform internationally competitive fundamental & translational biomedical research that leads to a better understanding of disease processes, improves diagnosis, treatment and care of patients and serves as breeding ground for the next generation of researchers and specialists. Eight research groups, each headed by a principal investigator, perform cutting-edge research in various fields of biomedical life sciences. In addition the Cell Microscopy Core (CMC) provide the support and competencies for the integration of advanced microscopy and high throughput technology into the innovative research performed at the department as well as to outside users.

Education mission

To provide innovative and challenging education and training in basic molecular life sciences, scientific principles and independent thinking for future professionals in various biomedical areas. The principal investigators and their group members, assisted by a team of lecturers, teach at various undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses.

umcu building overviewIntegral to the department and crucial contributors to these objectives are also the secretariat and the support staff.